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Month 3

We have been trying for two and a half months.  I'm somewhere just before ovulation I believe. I really hoped we would get pregnant on our first or second try.  All my friends were pregnant either on accident or the first month they tried. In school we were taught we would become pregnant our first time having sex without protection. Granted the younger you are the more likely for that to be true.  I am 30 and only on my third cycle trying to get pregnant and I'm stressed.  I've read a few ladies stories on here who have been trying much longer and I respect them.  I can imagine the emotional stress that comes with trying so long and I am wondering how everyone gets through the stress? The two week wait, the bfn's, alcohol or no alcohol...

On top of that DH uses marijuana to help him sleep.  He has given it up as we've heard it can effect male fertility. He stopped vaping the day we started ttc.  I admit I haven't found good research on if it does impact male fertility and how.  Most of what I've found suggest it speeds up the spermatogenesis process and decreases sperm quality.  I've also read that it causes the sperm to use up their energy very quickly after release so they have trouble making the full journey to the egg. To compromise he is drinking a hoppy beer at night.  Hops are supposed to have the same turpenes as the marijuana and should help him sleep. I do want him to be able to sleep. 

In addition he likes to use the sauna before exercising at the gym.  He begrudgingly stopped using the sauna as research suggests it is detrimental to sperm. 

I'm staying away from the suana/hpt tub/steam room and alcohol every two week wait.  I'm taking a prenatal vitamin (my hair is slightly more cooperative?).  I'm using the clue app to track my cycle and opk  strips though I haven't seen a positive one yet. We also use pressed as well. 

I've read about several supplements but it's too early in my journey for me to go that direction. I'm trying not to stress but my excitement is turning to disappointment. I'm wondering if there is something wrong with me. 


I'm in the same boat with you feeling as though there's something wrong with me. We've been trying for 6 months total so far, since December, and it's freaking me out that there could be something wrong with one of us. My husband works in a factory that has 15 - 20 degree higher temps inside, so he gets hot and sweaty very easily there, and he likes beer. I just recently had him start a multivitamin, and I'm doing prenatals. I've tried the tea, but found I didn't like how it was affecting my body, and I temp and use opks. It's a frustrating process for sure, but we have to trust the process, right? 


I have a friend who swears by preseed and a diva cup after sex to hold in the sperm. Depending on how many more cycles we go through, I might give that a try since it's not a medicine or anything? 


Good luck, and babydust! 

I use a diva cup for af and thought about trying that.  However I've heard inserting it can actually push and fluids out the way it pops into place. I also wonder if it helps the healthy sperm or the not so healthy sperm. 

It is interesting you mention the tea. I was actually thinking about trying it.  I haven't really looked into it much yet.  I have a regular cycle, though it is longer since my IUD was removed, and I don't want to screw with that. 

If I remember right it's a 20% chance of getting pregnant so maybe it's all chance. Regardless, all the baby dust! 

Welllll I just got a BFP this weekend. :) So I think the baby dust worked! Now I'll send more baby dust to you! <3 

Congrats!!! I'm 1dpo today so I have some waiting ahead but you give me hope :) h&h 9months