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Okay, so blog post word vomit

Here's a little update/freak out for ya...


This is our 5th cycle tracking temperatures and 6th cycle overall... and I'm getting SO frustrated. I'm 10dpo today, with a general 11 day LP, but I had a 14 day LP last cycle, which was very odd, then I O'd on CD16 this cycle, which is equally out of character.


I'm just trying not to obsess over am I or aren't I... but it's so hard. I've had pretty regular cycles, I don't have anything preventing me from getting pregnant that I know of like PCOS or Endo, I'm sure DH is perfect... so why are we still struggling? They say 75% of couples where the female is 25 or under conceive within the first 6 months... soooo... hello! I mean, I'm gonna be 26 in July, but whatever. 


I've been journaling out my feelings, and I've adopted the quote "And with a patient heart, I will wait." But I'm not feeling so patient, and I'm feeling very anxious and scared to test tomorrow. What if there's something wrong with me? :( 


I can totally understand the feeling. It took us 3 yrs to have our son and feeling like something was wrong with me was constant. 2yrs after that we had our daughter and that was 10 years ago. Not sure how long it'll take this time around- So far, about 8 months and each time I see a bfn I cant help the disappointment. I've now started trying to convince myself I wouldn't have liked the "due date" anyway. Lol Good luck to you!! Keep us posted!! 

Welp. I posted this and got a bfn on Saturday, then today, got a BFP! Will post my story on the BFP site after the first trimester. 

AWWW!! Yay!!! So happy for you!! Thanks for the update and Congrats!! Wishing u a happy healthy 9 months! :)