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What kind of cramps are these?!

Ok so, I'm currently 2dpo (CD14). Got my strong positive opk on CD11 and believe I o'd on CD12 with another positive opk. Anyway, I have been having some cramping in my lower left ovary area. Normal cramping with o. The opk I took yesterday (CD13) was a negative, so I'm quite sure I o'd on CD12. Well today, the cramps have gotten more intense literally like throbbing and sharp shooting pains at the same time. I have never experienced cramps this harsh before so I'm kind of confused as to what my body is doing. I did all the BD'ing on time and used Preseed. Let me also mention that I do have endo and ovarian cysts, but these cramps feel NOTHING like what I've experienced before. And the pain is literally ONLY on my left side ovary area. Any ideas ladies? 


I wonder if it's related to an cyst?  I don't really know. But I hope this cycle works out for you, lots of baby dust!