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REALLY Slow rising BHCG...HELP

Hello there! 

So we had our fresh transfer on May 7. I went in on may 16 for our first beta test (9dp5dt) really LOW beta of 15. Here's how the week has gone:

5/16 - 9dp5dt = BHCG 15

5/18 - 11dp5dt = BHCG 35.5

5/20 - 13dp5dt = BHCG 79

5/22 - 15dp5dt = BHCG 190

I was told today by our nurse that the numbers are rising but really really slowly and they should be MUCH higher then they are now. Crazy confused and I am supposed to go in again on Friday (4 days vs 2 days between) and see where we are sitting. 

Each time I talk to them about the results I don't really get a super hopeful feeling. 


Good luck on Friday!

HCG typically doubles every 48-72hrs. While your numbers started low (indicating that it might have taken a while to implant), they look to be doubling just fine now. Maybe it jsut took a while for the emby to settle in? Don't lose hope yet.