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Accepting it's not the cycle

Not knowing which day of a long 16 day bleed to count as CD1 is more frustrating than I thought. Maybe if I woulda charted my bbt, I would've felt more confident but I didn't. 

DH and I bd'd as soon as the bleeding stopped (and I did notice ewcm right after the bleed-which is weird too) but without using opks either, I can't confirm OD. :(. At least we dtd everyday around that time and I guess thats the best we coulda done given the strange cycle.  

CM was creamier than usual and (without meaning to) it got my hopes up a bit... Naughty me. Cm is now back to its more watery/thin preAF consistency and I wanna slap myself for getting my hopes up. AF will most likely arrive in a week. Anyways... just venting my frustration with myself. 

Good luck to all you ladies out there.