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Evap lines stink!

Here I go testing again! Yesterday, (around12dpo) I figured, "What the heck, it's been a couple days since I tested". I decided to use my last Walmart cheapie.

Collected my fmu and put a few drops in the window, then hear my 10yr old nosy daughter approach so I hid it. Went back to the bathroom after I could get away from her (2mins or so) and saw bfn. Ok. Fine. Knew it'd be.  Not long after, I decided to dissect it before throwing it away. Shouldnt have done that!! i didn't realize that unused dye collects at the end of the strip causing what looks like a "second line" below the test window. I was confused. Put it back together and did some research. 

The research I did, put my mind somewhat at ease. Went to look at the test in brighter light and realized, there was the THINNEST faint second line! It was almost microscopic. Lol Gosh, I wish I woulda just thrown it away. I didn't really look at it within the 10min time frame in proper light so the doubt that maybe it was real was messing w my mind. Im convinced it was an evaporation line.... seeing that was actually worse than seeing a straight bfn. It's like a tease! 

All out of cheapies, so I'm sure I can wait it out now. AF should arrive anytime between Now and Monday. 

Baby dust to all u ladies out there And good luck... <3