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Sick or something else?

I am CD 15 right now, and all temps have been low. AF was nothing too crazy and not as heavy as it typically is. I have been sick on and off for the past 2 weeks with sinus issues and now stomache and nausea issues. People at work are getting in my head telling me I may be pregnant, but I need  yall to put some sense in me that I'm not. CP is high and soft and I have had a TON of EWCM. Like more than I ever had before. I've been taking a steroid for my sinuses and singulair and thinking that may be why I'm so skiddish? My BP has moments where it spikes too. 


So I had a runny nose for CD 12-13 and an increase in cm.  I got a bfp starting 10 dpo (vvfl).  So you might be pregnant.  A pregnancy test is a good start. 

You should take a test... I just got my bfp after a week of serious allergy/ stuffy nose symptoms. If you had a period, but it was lighter than normal, and then you get a positive test, let your doctor know ASAP, as they will want to check you out in case of an ectopic pregnancy. I don't say that to scare you, as some people do just have breakthrough bleeding around the time AF is due and go on to have a normal pregnancy, but we just had a girl in my buddy group go through this and hers did end up being ectopic. There's always the possibility you could just be sick or have allergies, too.  Fingers crossed for the best of those options: just a sneaky little bean! 

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