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Newbie here TTC for 6 months-currently CD 6

Hi ladies! My DH and I have been TTC for 6 months, but he is gone for work sometimes during my fertile window. We just got our first ever BFP on the 4 cycle TTC that ended in an early miscarriage/CP at 4 weeks 3 days. I have been reading the TTC blog's and BFP stories during this journey, and now I just need to "talk" and let it out. I'm bummed, but I know God has a plan. I think He just wanted me to see that we CAN get pregnant, but the timing isn't right yet. This month my DH will leave for work about 2 days in to my fertile window. I pray his swimmers can stay alive until I ovulate haha



There are lots of people on here with different journeys.  I was impressed with the amount of support and positivity. Lots of baby dust

I was too...this is such a great site. Congrats on your BFP!! Praying for you.

Hi! I suffered two CP (2 years ago) and a blighted ovum in March this year. I waited to miscarry naturally on my own (found out at 8 1/2 weks). I had to wait until 13 weeks for it to come on its own. :-( With each pregnancy I knew something wasn't right. The two CP I loss right after a positive test (5 weeks) and the last pregnancy I went to my OBGYN at 8 weeks (my 1st appointment) and requested an ultrasound because I knew something was wrong. Of course, they thought that I was being paranoid because of the chemicals, but I know my body a little too well. The ultrasound showed an empty sac measuring 5.5 weeks, no baby, no heartbeat. I cannot explain the amount of grief that caused me.... although I knew something was wrong and requested the scan, my heart broke into because I was praying that I was wrong. GOD has been what pushed me through.... trusting that HE has a better plan and time than my own. I trust that HE knows what is best for me and our family.  We have 3 beautiful boys (9, 13, & 15) no miscarriage in between the three! I couldn't understand what happened? I dug and did my own research, requested labs to be ran because I knew something was off! Sure enough.... they found a gene defeact (MTHFR). Not only do I have the gene mutation, but I have the worse type... a double copy of the C667T!!! Doctors do not know much about this defeact and a lot of research is still being conducted because it does cause a loss in pregnancy (amongst other health issues). I have continued to conduct my own research, get my children tested, and figure out how to be healthy and sustain a future pregnancy. Praise Jesus to finally have answers and get this under control!! <3 

Hey MommyOf3! I am so sorry to hear about your losses. I am also happy to hear you know why they are happening and being proactive to make sure you stay healthy. Yes...Praise Jesus!! I will be praying for us both!