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AF around the corner :(

I was really hopeful this was our month.... especially when I tested at around 14dpo and got a shadow/faint line within 2mins. The next day, I started with only one wipe light brown discharge. Checked cm, and it's still a light brown tinted creamy. In all my pregnancy experience (DS12, DD10, 1miscarriage, 1chemical) -spotting only leads to AF. Downside of testing early... you can catch a chemical. I believe this is the case for me this cycle. Pretty bummed. Wish AF would show and get it over with so we can start TTC cycle #10. Officially in double digits. 

Yea, I'm bummed.


Brown spotting can be normal and be a bfp.  I'm not an expert and you know your body better than anyone else.  But I've heard of quite a few who had spotting or brown cm and still got bfp's.  Lots of baby dust

You're so sweet for throwing that little ray of sunshine my way. Definitely appreciate it. And thanks for that handful of baby dust! Goodness knows I'd love some of your sticky luck. Congrats again, and keep us posted on ur journey... <3

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