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haha omg so I just got my resume / cover letter and job application in this weekend for a part time position, wait for it- none other than receptionist at a  hospital  within their reproductive services/ivf clinic.... No kidding!

NICE TRY LIFE ! You can throw all the baby showers,... births  whatevvver you like at me whatever else you can think of but I will eat that shit up!

that would be super cool to get that job cause then I would like be one of those super rad friendly  ladies that we all need to see when we're going for our 50th transvaginal or egg transfer and we're totally over it, Lolz. we all need an empathetic receptionist that's not a bitch right? thatS Me!  Plus I would totally be learning all about this  ivf process while working there. Haha. Fingers crossed I get an interview. 

Just about to book my amh test and call primary ivf to see where we're all at and what's the next step. yay. 


Has anyone here in Melbourne been to/had success with Preston primary ivf or know any reviews?  

hope everybody's well!! 

Luv alex


Well, aint that something? I hope you got the job. You'd be right at home giving a true friendly face to those women. It helps so much when the desk folks and back office assistants show some concern/empathy...gosh, FEELINGS other than 'when do I get off work'. FX you get all the knowledge you need and success with IVF