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It seems the witch has arrived... Another chemical

Cervix is now lower, firmer and open. Interesting thing, is that this has to be the most watery/thin AF bleeding I've ever had. I've started an AF slightly watery before, but never for a whole day steady thin flow. Strange.

Im no expert, but from what I've read... a watery AF could be due to a thin uterine lining. For me, it might actually explain my chemical. (After bleeding for a solid 16 days last cycle), Maybe my lining simply didn't have enough time to thicken enough to sustain a pregnancy. 

Dont know if that makes me feel any better tho. Wish someone would hurry up and invent the "fast forward" button so I can skip straight to Ovulation and start ttc cycle #10.


whatta bummer. Booo


Ttc is a lesson in patience for sure.  I think there are supplements to help thicken your uterine lining.  You might ask your doctor. 

I'm so sorry.  I also just had a CP for the first time, and AF came 3 days late.  AF seemed pretty normal (lasted 4 days and light.) Except the night of day 3...I woke up to a full pad, but mostly water?? Since my periods are usually light and don't last long and after reading what you've read about I am starting to fear that I may also have a thin uterine lining :/

Thx BlueRobse! Ill be sure to bring it up to my Dr at my appt next month. @HIStory1217 Im so sorry about your CP too! :( Didn't mean to freak anybody out tho. 4day period sounds pretty normal and a little bit of thin/watery in a cycle is ok too. I'd be more concerned if the whole cycle was so thin it could be considered spotting. Otherwise, I wouldnt worry too much. If you need peace of mind, maybe you can bring it up to your Dr and supplements can be suggested (like Blue said) if necessary. All we can do in the meantime is try to worry less and stay positive. Good luck next cycle!

You're so right. Thanks, and GL to you too!! :)

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