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hoping for my rainbow

TTC for 8 months following MC back in October 16. last month I had AF, however it was very light and ended quickly (3 days) I am typically the girl who will have AF for at LEAST 6-7 days and I am very heavy. Fast forward to this month, I am 4 days before AF and I am frequently going to the bathroom, I've had extremely light almost tingly sensations in my ovaries. Today I have thick yellowish white cm its position is high and soft. I'm not sure how to detect if it is open or closed but it feels tight. My breasts are perky and my nipples are hard and sensitive, I am having slight tenderness on the sides I've also been quite emotional and exhausted. I've also been waking up a lot at night and have been having vivid dreams and certain food have been making me gag so bad. 10 dpo


Sounds promising! Especially if those symptoms are not your norm. I am only 1 DPO, but I am hoping we both get rainbows this month! TTC for 6 months and had MC last month at 4+3.

Sounds like you have lots of symptoms, hope it turns into your bfp! 

thank you ladies for commenting. Things have been a little weird. Im pretty sure I'm out for this month. But the cycle is extremely abnormal for me. ive had absolutely no cramping or any AF symptoms at all. Also the incredibly strange part is my pad has been consistently dry however when I urinate there is dark brown blood. This is day two of this. I'm playing it by ear at this point but my DH and I are pretty sad if this month was unsuccessful even though it was so promising

Oh I'm sure. I feel like each time gets harder. Have you tested?