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1DPO-Anyone else?

Hey I am 1 DPO and very hopeful. My DH and I were not able to BD passed Sat. night since he left early Sun. for work. My birthday is this coming Sat. the 17th and my DH will be home bet. the 25th-28th. I really wish I will get my birthday wish and be able to surprise him when he gets home. After seeing two pink lines last month I am very anxious!! This cycle slight O pain and throbbing lasted for like 3 days and today all is calm.


I hope this is your cycle! 

Thank you!!! I know I am only 2dpo and it's too early for symptoms, but I am smelling everything haha

I am also 2dpo today and I wasnt able to bd since saturday as well! thankfully i bd'd friday and saturday so hopefully one of those swimmers stayed long enough for o day! fingers crossed for the both of us!

Yes!! Fingers crossed :) I feel like this is going to be the longest wait I've had so far haha

@jourdan How are you doing during this wait?