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There is a 96% chance (percentage per our former RE) that what I'm experiencing is just another random thing my body does and I'm totally not pregnant... but there's still always that 4%, right? There's also something about June that makes me really hopeful (four years ago this month we decided to start trying!) Anyway, all that said, I'm 9dpo and my lower belly is super bloated. This started noticeably at 7dpo. I've run through the possibilities: I'm not constripated, I've been gassy but nothing to warrant this level of bloat, and I generally feel comfortable so it's not some sort of illness. I'm extremely fit these days, though, so it's possible that even slight bloat can look huge on me now? But man the timing would be so good. Our appointment got pushed back a month (and wouldnt this just be the best surprise after that?). And I just got some possibly promising career news. And idk, things are just good. Again, some sort of June baby fever? I had a really strong ovulation this cycle, and fantastic ewcm, and it was on my right side which *is* the superspeedway tube. Eh, idk, just thinking on the page. 

I've learned there's a cycle to everything. An eb and flow, like the ocean, like breathing. This feeling has its counterpart, and in a few days when my belly goes flat maybe I'll be there again, wondering why I felt contently hopeful. But both are important -- hope and reality. I'm just trying to embrace both, here with my mysterious lower belly bloat. :)


Oh boy. I'm on the edge of my seat!

Lol, PM. You're sweet. :) Thanks for always holding out hope. I feel like people see me and think, "Omg shut up already you've been saying this for 4 years, I mean damn." I did the math earlier and if a "normal" couple has 30% chance each month and takes 1 year that if we've got a (rounded up) 5% chance it would take 6 years. :/ Wasn't as uplifting as I thought when I decided to calculate it, haha.

We are all here hoping for you too!!!

Yours is the only blog I really follow.  Just wanted to say I am hoping and praying for you!

Thanks, guys, for your kindness and warm wishes. :)

Seems like I'm having a 16 day luteal phase...? I can't remember when this has ever happened, except when I was on Femara. It just makes me antsy. Ready to get this cycle behind me.