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Cautiously optimistic

(TMI?sorry!) -CD11 and I now have the usual thick glob of a jelly-like cm thats normally streaked brown or red.... I have that EVERY cycle anywhere between CD8-11 right before loads of ewcm. I was starting to worry when all I had was barely even a bit of ewcm mixed in w some sticky. Yay!! Im cautiously optimistic this might be a regular cycle! 

Pretty sure last months CP was due to a thin lining -AF literally only lasted 1.5 days! (not counting random spotting before and after). Not worried about it though... I think it makes sense since the cycle before was a 16day bleed. I'm thinking my body didnt have enough time to thicken properly. This time though... I'm HOPING ill b back to the norm!!

TTC cycle #10 and I think maybe I'm gonna do a few things different. Yes, bd in fertile window is on the table... but I'm gonna try and workout again. Who knows, maybe I'll even manage to get my abs more defined and back in view before I get that elusive BFP. Been a couple days into my routines and I already feel better about myself. 

Gosh i hope i have a "normal" cycle again! Cautiously optimistic today!! Give us something good June!! Sending lots of baby dust and positive vibes out there!  GL ladies!!


I feel like I could've wrote most of that haha. This cycle I am taking iron in hopes of a good thick lining(who knows if it will help, but it couldn't hurt, right!?) I also started to workout more consistently this cycle although on the 4th day of my routine(yesterday) my lower back was so sore I couldn't. Not sure if that is from working out or what. It was so sore I couldn't stand straight, but woke up like it never happened. I sure would love to see abs again haha Today is 4dpo for me and TMI also, but I had a huge glob of white thick creamy cm that made it to my panties. I have never had that happen before. Praying that is a good sign! Yes, June...please!!?  

I already have one child, took 12 months to conceive. This is the 5th month of TTC baby #2. My cycles have only just started to regulate after being out of whack the last few months! The 2WW is horrible!  BTW, I could only dream of having abs!!  Baby dust to all and hope June brings BFP to all!