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Anxiously waiting for BFP

I already have one child, took 12 months to conceive. This is the 5th month of TTC baby #2.

I got my positive OPK on 8th June and fertility app has estimated ovulation on 9th June, making this about 8-9DPO. 

BD on 3rd, 5th, 8th June (as well as other times outside fertile period)

The 2WW is horrible! AF is due in 3 days and yesterday started to get twinges on my lower left side (I never get period cramps), only lasted a minute or so. Then the twinges are back on same side and have been on & off again this morning. Keep getting shooting pains/slightly tender boobs and ate fresh ham before, which I could've sworn tasted off, but hubby said it tasted fine. 

Hopeful that this might finally be the month, but already prepared for the disappointment yet again.

Baby dust to all!






I'm also 8ish dpo (June 8th +opk), the wait is terrible! I have a good feeling about this month,  these shooting boob pains had better not be for nothing lol, keep me posted! 

Ha ha, I hear ya. So damn anxious, waiting until 20th to see if AF arrives  is slowly killing me!

Trying not to get my hopes up, but think I've failed big time.

Hope your good feeling is right and wishing you luck on getting a BFP, will keep you updated. Also let me know how you go :)