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11dpo and losing hope

AF due around Tues. or Wed., and I'm feeling out :(

I didn't wake up hungry or thirsty this morning like I did 9 and 10 dpo. I'm not having AF like symptoms or anything, but I just feel normal ya know? I do have some bloating, but not like last month when I got a BFP. I'm not feeling anything in my BB's like last time either or like every month when AF is coming. I am having vivid dreams every night, but that's not totally uncommon for me expect it's usually the few days after O that I get those. Also, my BBT has stayed lower than normal. Like even lower than it is during BFN cycles, weird! I wish I could just relax until AF shows or not, but I'm symptom spotting like crazy and checking this site so often like it's going to tell me I'm pregnant or something haha.

The TWW is harsh and makes me want to cry! I know I am supposed to enjoy the journey, but it is really starting to consume me.


As much as I want to wait I'm thinking about testing in the morning, and if it is stark white having a few drinks this weekend!

I did just notice my urine smells really strong. I've read that can be a good sign. Maybe there is hope!

I really hope this is your cycle! I know how you feel tho... I literally just finished Ov yesterday so the TWW just started for me... :( 1dpo and already feel like im out tho! DH and I DTD every night in my fertile window this time(first time doing that!)but idk... something tells me that because of that, it's not gonna happen.  Wish you best of luck! Stay busy and Keep us posted!!

Thank you...I hope this one is yours too! And hey, maybe the first time is the charm DTD every night haha. Oh and I wish I could stay busy but my boss quit, so I am alone in an office everyday for like 8 hours. Going insane! GL to you too! And everyone else TTC.

it's not over til AF arrives! Have you tested yet? I have my fingers crossed for you. 

Thanks! Not yet, but I will in the morning with FMU! I will let y'all know what I get :)

BFN on walmart cheapie with FMU on 12dpo :( I will not test again unless AF is like 3 days late. 

Fingers crossed AF doesn't arrive then!

Thank you!!! I was an emotional BEAST yesterday at 13dpo. Angry one minute and crying the next saying sorry just to get angry again 5 minutes later. Then happy and, organizing, and even went for a run at 10 PM. I am sure my husband thinks I am insane, but I do belive that was PMS in full force!! I just want AF to show, so I can feel like myself again and get this July cycle started!!

I read that you're now 1 day late, have you tested again? I was feeling really sad and on a cleaning frenzy before I found out.. I still have my fingers crossed that these are good signs for you!! 

Hi! I tested at 3:30 AM and got another BFN on a $store test, so I am 2 days late now. I feel like AF will show soon though. I'm thinking this cycle is just thrown off a little by the mc last month, and maybe b/c this was the most stressful tww since we started ttc. Thank you so much for the well wishes!! I should be able to give an update in a day or two.

bummer, hate it when AF plays those cruel tricks. If the bitch does unfortunately arrive, I'll have all my limbs crossed that July is the month for you!

Hahaha thanks! She is being tricky for sure!! 3 days late now ughhhhhh :/ Guess I'll test again tmr if she's still a no show.

AF showed :/ What a bummer! Posting a CD 1 blog for the readers.