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Positivity dwindling...:(

Started cycle10 determined to remain positive, focus less on ttc and more on ME/my health.... easier said than done! 

Workouts have helped with my mood... but now, at 6dpo the discomforts-or lack thereof- raise more questions. I thought that I could just wave away the symptom spotting because everything could b attributed to exercise. I was wrong. 

Not feeling as optimistic at this point. Feels like I'm out... not even feeling my typical sore bbs! While we DTD EVERY night in fertile window it was more for fun and not cause we had to.  Just feel like being optimistic at this point is only setting me up for disappointment... again. 

I seriously need to make an extensive "to-do" list to keep busy and make the time go faster... :( Office work doesn't help keep my mind busy enough!!! 

Good Luck to you ladies. Stay busy!


Theres still hope yet, you're only 6DPO, you might not have even implanted yet. Fingers crossed this is your month!

Preach! Haha. But yes there is still hope!!! Hang in there!