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Question about first cycle after cp/mc

I know I should just be patient and wait a couple more days to see if AF will show, but I am just so curious...

I am expecting AF any day now(2 days late w/ bfn.) The thing is that I feel like I am about to ovulate.  My ovaries are throbbing and my lower back is aching, and my cm is rarely ever gets ew. Normal AF symptoms for me is just very very mild uterine cramps and sometimes no crapms at all.

My question is has anyone ovulated after their cp/mc and then ovulate again around the time AF was due?



Wow! That's interesting! That's never happened to me. Is it possible that maybe you never ovulated last cycle and are only ovulating now? I've had cycles that ended up w af showing a whole week late, but that's all... If you have OPKs on hand I'd try and see what it reads. If not, idk... wait a few more days and do hpt again. Keep us posted!!!

I am sure it is possible...especially since my cycle could be off this time around :/ I was temping and had quite a dip followed by a rise though. Oh and had my normal O symptoms. I have never used OPKs, but I may get some for the next cycle if I do not get a BFP in a few days. Then again I also want to just forget about TTC for July. I want it to happen, but I just don't want to think about it anymore. I honestly just think my body is gearing up for a horrible visit from AF. I will definitely keep you all updated on what happens, and then I am going to try my very best to stay away from this site next month if AF shows.

I definitely understand. :( hope af stays away.... keep us posted. You'll def b in my prayers.

Thank you! Unfortunately AF showed :/ I will post a CD 1 blog for the readers.