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Knew it wouldn't happen.

It's amazing how wishful thinking can really trick your mind into believing something to be when it really isn't. Lack of symptoms and actually not spotting for the first time in years had me thinking.... maybe??

I "knew" that it would most likely not happen because this was the cycle we bd'd every night. That we possibly tried too hard and wouldn't get lucky because of it. 

Checked my cm... and sure enough, its tinted brownish/pink. Af will b full blown tonight or in the morning. On time. I can't help but be jealous of those lucky couples who just get it in one or two months. I'm happy for them of course... but it still brings a level of sadness. We are happy, and fortunate... however, ttc is starting to feel like it's consuming me. Cycle 11 begins today or tomorrow and I think it's time to step away.

I will step away from all things ttc. Sure, I'll still take prenatals. But will step away from ttc forums/websites and apps. Hoping to regain some normalcy in the coming months...

Best of luck on your journeys ladies... and thank u for your support over the months. 



I know I said I would stay away, but I really wanted to see how you were doing. I'm sorry! It seems as though we are in the same boat and I am only starting my 6th cycle. I'm hoping that since we are both going to relax this cycle it will be our turn. If not I hope we can both just find some joy in journey. Good luck!

Awww thank you, I was really wondering about you too. I'm hoping the same for us as well and will most likely check once a month hoping to see your bfp. In the meantime... best of luck <3xoxo

I'm in my 11 cycle right now, and it's tough. I have an appointment next month if it doesn't happen. Good luck to you!