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Looking for a Buddy CD21 6DPO

Losing my mind!


I'm cycle day 23, 10dpiui. Have you had any symptoms?

5 dpo

Can't stop thinking about it :/

I'm 7dpo and struggling to not think about it, every twinge I get I'm jumping to conclusions! Haha. Hate the waiting game

I'm 7dpo too. First month charting BBT. Wishing everyone the best. Really hoping this cycle is the one.

When are you guys planning on testing? I'm not sure I can make it to 14DPO.

started testing yesterday, 10dpiui, negative.

Going to start Testing on 12 dpo - 6 more daysssss

im 7dpo cd30 (blessed with long cycles). Im the same as you Mia lol I think everything is a symptom...I was feeling nauseous but realized I needed to put my glasses on lmbo.

I started to feel lower pelvic pain, the kind I feel every month on 7 dpo ( week before AF) :(
Good luck to all of you !

I'm 6 dpiui and trying to stay rational; everything I know tells me it's too early to experience symptoms but of course I've been symptom spotting the last 6 days already. Fingers crossed for both of us that this is it!

I am currently dpo5 (poss 6)cycle day 29 . I need to stop googling every symptom why is this bit always so long??? Feel tired,hot,little quest,crampy,very sore nipples, don't feel particularly hungry, and thirsty I know it can't possibly be anything?? Surely mega early I just can't remember within my son

I couldn't hold off anymore and decided to go for it! The test was positive! Woke my husband up at 4:30 to tell him. Best wishes to all of you!

Congratulations !!