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16dpo af like bleeding

Today I'm 16 dpo and I am having af like bleeding but my next af isn't due til 7/15/17 I went to the doctor in 6/26/17 due to an ovarian cyst and the doctor said it is shrinking but I was ovulating that day also and I had unprotected sex a few days before so could this be my period or what? Any suggestions 


How are you charting? Do you confirm O by temping or are you jsut going by okps? Remember that an opk is typically positive 12-48hrs PRIOR to ovulation (although it can be up to 96hrs. I had one cycle where I didn't O until 3d after +opk, confirmed by temping). So if you are 16d past positive opk, you could really be ~14dpo, which would make AF right on time; you likely jsut O'd a day or two earlier than usual this month. The typical luteal phase is 12-15d, so if you are actually 16dpo, it makes sense for you to have AF if not pregnant.

If you aren't temping, I"d recommend trying that to help pinpoint O and determine your LP. Then you won't be worried in the future. Remember, too, that cycle length fluctuations of up to 10d can be completely normal, so don't worry if your cycle isn't the smae length every month. Prior to TTC, my cycle was a very reliable 30-32d. Once we started TTC, it went anywhere from 25-35d, with O happening anywhere between CD12-CD20. As long as you can reliably pinpoint when you O (opks are a good start, but don't guarantee that you will O; temping is the only way to identify that it did happen), the length of you cycle is for the most part irrelevant, unless your LP is consistently less than 10d (doesn't sound like that's a problem for you).


[edited to add: Oops. Just re-read your original post and realize that US is how you determined ovulation. Since you are truly 15-16dpo, makes sense to have your period if not pregnant.]