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Waiting and wondering

AF due in 8 days and I'm driving myself  crazy waiting. Sore breast for about two weeks nausea on and off and always hungry! Also had a head cold and some moodyness. Idk if those are symptoms but I hope so!


So AF is due in 7 days but today i started bleeding out of no where with no warning signs at all. I have always been on a very normal schedule so my period being a week early is not normal. I also noticed today that tiny little red veins are showing up on my breast they look like broken capillaries all over my breast they were not there yesterday.

Sore breasts usually happen a few days after O, so since your boobs have been sore for 2wk, sounds like you might have ovulated earlier than expected this month. Are you charting? Using an app? Taking opks and temping to confirm O? If not, you might want to give that a go, as it will help confirm when you O so that you know better when to expect AF. BTW: fluctuations in cycle length are actually pretty normal, so I wouldn't worry about your cycle being shorter this month than in the past. Prior to TTC my cycle was 30-32d. While TTC, it ranged from 25-35, with O happening anywhere from CD12-CD20 (as confirmed by temps). GL