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6 dpiui, going nuts

After stalking this site, there was nothing else to do but start posting myself.  Hopefully that will keep the crazy down.

Am 6 dpiui my first IUI cycle.  My husband (38) and I (36) have been ttc for ~6 months.  My HSG indicated 1 blocked tube (right tube), although my RE thinks it looks more likely to be a muscle spasm.  Otherwise, unexplained infertility as all of our other numbers look good.

This cycle, I was on 5 days of letrozole from Cd4-8, got two mature follicles in my right ovary by Cd11 (which I was bummed about bc this tube might be blocked), and triggered immediately.  I wish I had asked what size the follicles were.  Did IUI 24 hours later (59 million sperm count with 30% motility, so ~20 million good quality sperm) and have been symptom spotting ever since.  There was brief cramping right after the IUI but was gone within 5 min.  

Last night I couldn't sleep and today I'm exhausted.  Every little twinge I think, can this be it?? Is this significant?  We took a break from ttc the last couple of months because I was traveling so much and it was so great not to be overanalyzing constantly.  I really thought I could keep my cool after that, but apparently not.

Am RESOLVED not to POAS until I'm actually late!  Let's see how that goes...