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Baby #2 maybe??

Hi there!

I am new here and my husband and I are TTC baby #2. This is our first month trying and I've been having some symptoms that don't quite feel like AF symptoms. I hope I'm not reading in to them to much (I am an over thinker!) I think I ovulated on 7-6. Husband and I BD on 7-2,7-3,7-4,7-5, and 7-8.

On 7-8 I felt a pain on my right side right above my hip bone which lasted about 6 hours. 

7-9 felt nauseous for about 30 min in the morning

7-10 bloating and tired

7-11 bloating and tired and milky CM

7-12 mild cramps in lower abdomen which is odd for me. Usually never get abdominal cramps that soon before period. Took a pregnancy test and it was a BFN

7-14 tired all day and got very dizzy and nauseous right before going to bed. 

7-15 milky CM

7-17 VERY tired and bloated

Period is due on 7-20. I'm nervous to take another pregnancy test since my hopes were kind of shot down when I took the first on and it was neg.

what do you ladies think?! Thanks!


I am also trying for baby #2. Going crazy waiting. Af not due till the 1st. If no af for you today take a pregnancy test! Good luck and baby dust!

AF was due yesterday.. still has not come. I'm still very tired, boobs are more sore, and also have this dull constant cramp right in my abdomen. I'm very bloated as well, but this bloating feels much different that my usual AF bloating. Maybe I'm just reading into the symptoms to much and AF will be arriving soon? I took another HPT Wednesday so yhI day befor AF came and it was negative :( think I'm going to take anther in the morning. Fingers crossed! Baby dust yo you too dear!

Hi! I don't know if you still log in here but wanted to share I'm 7 weeks along :) when I was creeping on this site I thought it'd be cool to see updates. Funny thing is, before I tested I didn't feel pregnant at all. The only symptom I had was feeling weepy and emotional ( I cried when the dragon died on game of thrones lol)