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My fertility Specialist has ordered Clomid and an HSG to see what's up. DH had a SA that has so far been above average. We are still waiting on the morphology and the antibody results, But my eggs look fine. She is slightly worried that I am ovulating later than I should. I normally O on CD 18 and I have a 31 cycle. She is hopeful that the Clomid will make me O earlier and give me a higher chance of getting our BFP. She wants to do the HSG next cycle, but we will be on vacation. My question is has anyone taken Clomid to help with O in this way. I normally hear of it with people who don't ovulate at all. This is our 13th cycle, so we are ready for our family to grow!! 


My OBGYN put me on Clomid 50 MG for this same reason, and unfortunately she had a replacement nurse while her regular nurse was on vacation and she gave me the wrong instructions and I took CD7 to 11 which is not typical for Clomid, but it actually worked i ovulated CD 15 which is still a little late but better than before.

Have you gotten your BFP?