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Weird Period or Implantation Bleeding?


I am new here but I wanted to share my story.  I have been trying to conceive since April 2017.  The month of August, I was tracking ovulation using clearblue ovulation tests.  I got my peak ovulation on August 10th.  We DTD every day 5 days before and then one day after.  My periods are normally 30-34 days long.  On August 16th 2017 I had what I thought was implantation bleeding 6 dpo.  My husband and I DTD on the same night.  The next day, I thought I had started my period.  Light cramping and just enough to cover the tip of a tampon (TMI sorry).  Then I just wore a light pad for the rest of the day and the next two days.  I had some clots but not even close to as my normal period.  I didn't cramp as bad as my normal period either.  My light period only lasted three days.  I thought it was weird that it was so light and not my normal PMS.  Then, 2 days later after the bleeding stopped, or 10dpo, I had an orgasm with clitoral stimulation only.  I started bleeding just when I wiped and it only lasted a couple minutes.  My real period is supposed to start tomorrow August 23rd.  I took a pregnancy test August 22nd, 12dpo and it was negative.  Am I probably out this month or is there still a possibility I am pregnant?  Could the heavier bleeding be cause from DTD?



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Hey I just read your post did you test again? Or did your normal af start? Good luck!!