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The longest wait

While all I feel like I have done since starting this journey is wait the last 14 months have been the longest. I have been away from this site for a while just focusing on living my life while waiting for our government funded ivf cycle. We were put on the wait list June 28 2016 and in May of this year we got the call that we were at the top of the list. During that call they told me I had to lose weight to qualify and I worked my butt (literally) off and lost 20 pounds so during my cycle in July we updated all my tests so we could get started.

While originally I was told I had low ovarian reserve these tests showed I fell in the mid range which was exciting to hear. With the results my Dr has put me on the patch protocol. They don't want to over suppress me so estrogen patches are used just to stop and early follicle growth and I will start those 5-7 days before my day 1. I will be on Gonal F, Luveris from day 1 and from day 5 of stims they will add Cetrotide. I will be on the highest dose of stims right from the start due to my showing a lower reserve in the past. 

My husband goes on Sept 7 for his TESA as he has a blockage from a failed vecetomy reversal. Preying all goes well there they can extract with needle and no need to make any incisions.

I am excited and nervous and just need to work on keeping my stress low. What did you ladies do to keep your stress down during ivf. I found and app called mindful ivf which walks you through meditations and will also be doing fertility massage. Wish me luck! And good luck to all you ladies!


Yayyy! Good luck! That's quite the wait but what a huge bonus that it's covered! Truly a blessing. I am keeping you in my prayers. We're retrieval buddies! :D I'm doing a low stim protocol so it's quite different medically (bcp, clomid, follistim), but it is all a little stressful. I swear by meditation, it's the best! I hope it helps you as well. Other than that I've simply been trying NOT to think about it everyday. And I've been making efforts to help dh feel involved in the process. Ivf can feel anything but fun, but we're trying to capture that "fun" spirit of ttc and it has helped put a positive spin on the process. Have fun sex! Be romantic with each other! Take time to have that "I wanna make a baby with you" feeling. I know it probably sounds silly, but any way to stay positive right? Lol.