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Starting the journey

Two years ago I was delivered of my first baby by cs. We survived 18 months of domestic violence. Recovery is ongoing, but it is time to focus on our new life now. I really want my baby to have siblings and since I am almost 35 I don't want to wait too long. Since the cs my cycle has been about 27 days long and ovulation seems to be about day 14 of my cycle. Sadly I have been having terrible symptoms around ovulation and af. I am fearing endometriosis. My gp is hopeless, but I've finally gotten a referral to an gynaecologist. Two weeks from now I should hopefully get some answers. Since I am now single and plan on staying that way I intend to do at home insemination with frozen donor sperm from a sperm bank. If the doctor advises it and my insurance covers it I will consider IUI, but I would rather avoid it. So far my back story.