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Never thought I'd be back here...

5 1/2 years many loses. Fallopian tube removed, other fallopian tube 10% damaged, Dr. Said no chance naturally, wait for a year on ivf waiting list get the call that it's our turn in 2 weeks...BAM pregnant NATURALLY!!! I'm officially 17 weeks tomorrow. So excited but constantly worried!!!

Just wanted to check in and see how all my old ttc friends are.  Haven't been on here in two years



same story as me basically ! lol. over 3 years on here and just b4 IVF bam. preggas. naturally. one tube. apparently I'm six to seven weeks and had no idea because I "got my period" as usual I thought. nup. doc says that wasn't my period lol it was IB. mate if you hadn't told me I would never have questioned it. even used tampons as usual and it was normal flow and 4 to 5 days! crazy. I have a dating scan in about 2 weeks to narrow down the date. fingers crossed!

Holy crap that is AMAZING news! I pray for those of us ttc so often, and I feel like this is a happy reminder why. :) :) CONGRATULATIONS!

Wow Alexandra that's amazing! Congrats! Same thing happened to me..i was 7 weeks when I found out. I had spotting and thought it was my period. Went to the hospital because I had bronchitis and a UTI doctor then tells me my urine sample was positive for pregnancy . I was positive it was stuck in my tube but an ultrasound at 7 wks 3 days showed a perfect bean. Of course I'm a nervous wreck and constantly thinking something bad will happen but I'm trying hard to stay positive. Thanks so much Spazzle.. I must admit ive come on here a few times to creep your posts and see where you're at in your journey. My fingers are always crossed for you! ** forgot to mention sperm analysis last year showed low motility?? So we had a lot working against us. While driving home after finding out I was pregnant I saw this beautiful tree growing out of a giant rock. All I could think was, I guess.. LIFE FINDS A WAY.

CONGRATS!!! Praise God :) I love stories like these. Gives me so much hope!!! Helps me to be a little bit more patient with His timing haha

Thank you HIStory. So hard to be patient at times. Never lose hope!