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Help ME !!!!!!!!

My first day of my last period was August 4 2017 I had sex during my fertility window we even had sex on my most fertile day and 6 or 7 days later Aug 26-28 I had a light flow of bleeding which I believed to be inplantion bleeding after my missed period I took a pregnancy test and got  BFN I got 4 negative test I haven't tested again yesterday I experience have a nosebleed still no period no signs of AF please help me and I check my blood pressure and its was high but not bad .. I'm nervous and its starting to weigh a heavy toll on me PLEASE LADIES HELP ME OUT PLEASE


Maybe you should get bloodwork done. What other symptoms are you experiencing?

I second the blood work suggestion. If that is negative, then the bleeding on 8/26-28 was either just a light period that came a bit early or breakthrough bleeding before a delayed ovulation. Even if you don't feel stressed, TTC can wreak havoc on your cycle. My regular 31-32d cycle prior to TTC became a cycle that lasted anywhere from 25-35d while TTC. Are you charting at all outside of an app? That will help you determine if/when you ovulate each month and eliminate a lot of questions. OPKs can help better pinpoint ovulation. BBT temping will confirm O.