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2nd IVF Attempt

So we had our first attempt in May that ended in a week 6 miscarriage. We just had our second and last attempt on September 6. I do in tomorrow for my first beta test - of course I tested at home because if the little bugger was in there it would have attached already. Well big fat negative test. 

This happened to us last time, I didn't see a positive pregnancy test until 13 days past transfer. Tomorrow we will be 9dp5dt FET. Last time this happened we had a positive beta of only 15 it slowly climbed and then stopped = miscarriage. 

I am worried that we are headed down this road again. We are not well OVER $20k in this and just had to refill more meds that was over $1200 that I may or may not be able to use.....

Why the hell is this so difficult?!? Why does it seem so easy for those who don't want kids, who can't support their kids on their own with out state help to be able to pop out kids every year?!? And here we are doing all the 'right' things, full time jobs, owning a house and cars, able to provide for our families, good people....ugh I don't get it. 


just wanna say I'm thinking of you girl. I keep tabs on you!