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Symptoms at 5dp5dt??

Hi ladies,

I'm hoping you can all help me out if you have been doing IVF like I have. This was my first cycle of IVF (I'm 28 and have been diagnosed with endometriosis). Everything I read online seems to say that when you do a 5 day blastocyst transfer, the embryo implants about 2-5 days after the transfer. I am currently 4 dp5dt (we transfered one 5AA blastocyst) and i havent felt any symptoms. In fact, I didnt even get the cramping from the transfer that the doctor said i was supposed to have. I have lost weight from the progesterone shots and i havent been bloated at all. Everyone who gets a BFP from IVF seems to say that they had "period like symptoms." I have none of these except occasional shooting pains in my underarms/side of breasts (possibly from progesterone in oil shots I am taking?) and major hot flashes (definietely from progesterone?

Is it safe to say I'm out this month? What were your symptoms after transfer leading up to a BFP or BFN??



Age 26/ Hubby 28

2 failed clomid IUIs/ 3 failed femara IUIs

First IVF 09/2017