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Fertomid treatment - Is there hope?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a year luck.. We started seeing a doctor in February and we were told that I have a few problems.. I have cycsts on my ovaries, fluid around my tubes and I dont ovulate.  In July doctor told us that he wants to do a Laporocopy, I was a bit against it and wanted a 2nd opinion.  We started seeing a new doctor on 22nd August, believed to be the best doctor in our area.  He said that he feels we should try a treatment called Fertomid, seeing that I do not ovulate, he wants we to try the treatment for 3 months.  I have completed my 1st course of Fertomid and I am seeing my doctor tomorrow morning for the day 10 ovulation scan.  Anyone else going through this, been on Fertomid?  What is your view or experience?  Is there hope?