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Clomid + Trigger + Metformin TWW (PCOS)

Ahhh okay, so I'm posting just out of anxiety and excitement waiting on the TWW! 

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 and am currently 22. DH and I decided to finally go see a fertility specialist and they put us on 100mlg of Clomid + 1500mlg of metformin. 

I am overweight about 5'4" and weigh 230.

On my first visit the ultrasound found 2 eggs and they measured 3mm and 6mm and my u/l was somewhere between 3-6mm (I don't remember). After finishing Clomid, went back to FS and the 2nd ultrasound showed 2 matured follicles That measured 25mm and 12mm! My u/l only went up to 12mm so they provided Estrace. 

they sent us home with a trigger shot for my stomach that evening and to BD the following morning and that evening. 

after reading numerous posts on ovulation (I don't ever remember o'ing on my own so I needed guidance) and I didn't feel any kind of o'ing until the following day, and a little clarity would greatly help to let me know if this was ovulation! 

I experienced so much at once, it was crazy!

- nausea

- bloating

- cramps/twinges in lower abdomen kinda felt like AF but lighter 

- headache

- hot flashes 


it lasted for a few hours. I'm so nervous and so excited and anxious I can't wait to test! What were your symptoms of ovulation? And how does my chances look for pregnancy?!


I get nausea and cramps. If you bd that day and the day before, you should have a good chance. Fingers crossed.