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Bfp update

Hi guys, xxx   so I just got back from  our first ultrasound  and they didnt do bloods  but the Ob said the ultrasound  puts me at 6 weeks and 5 days.  Strong heartbeat of 138 bpm. So  just have my fingers crossed till the  10 week mark and ill breathe easy! 

 One weird thing that the ob found was that i actually ovulated from the side  with no fallopian friggin  tube!ha ha! He found the corpus luteum on that side! Which is kinda cool info for all you girls out there like me with only one tube.  

His exact words were "Thats weird,  but not that impossible"

Turn-out that my other good tube reached around and snatched that little egg up! He said that cases of this happening, in his experience,   were the execption not the rule but it does happen!



That's great news! How wonderful that such an unlike thing happened. HH9

YAYYYYYY!!! So happy to read a good update, and I am super excited to read how it happened considering I just lost a tube 3 weeks ago!!! Our bodies are so cool!!! Thank you so much for telling us all that :)

That is so cool! Amazing what our bodies can do!!! Congratulations! Healthy happy pregnancy to you !!

Yep, dont lose faith HIStory1217.

So happy for you! That's a good strong heart beat! I wish I would be asked which side I ovulated from when I for pregnant. Again, I'm So, so happy for you!

Yes remember to ask girls!

That is a true miracle. I am so happy for you two!! Sending you all the sticky vibes and prayers for a HH9, Alexandra!! HUGS