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OPK - 1st time

So we saw dr on CD10... he is happy with the work the Fertomid has done and has not prescribed a 2nd course. He advised that I start with the OPK on CD13 which is today.. I have taken the 1st test now and it came out negative. My cycle is normally about 32 days but dr said it might be slightly shorted this month because of the Fertomid.. Holding thumbs that we will get a positive ovulation within the next few days! 


good luck! let us know if you get that positive!! :]

Good luck!

So its CD16 and still no positive OPK.. dr prescribed Ovidrel 250mg for tomorrow morning CD17. Please ladies I need prayers! Very never to take the shot as im doing it myself and i HATE needles :(

Trigger shot done..! Holding thumbs