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Pregnancy chances with only one tube

I found the following information really useful. People always ask about the possibility of a tube picking up an egg from the opposite ovary. As I know a lot of us have lost a tube I thought this was a really good explanation from a US fertility specialist and wanted to share it with all of you and hopefully give you a little more hope! 
" Normally, it is possible to get pregnant when you only have one tube and one ovary that are opposite from each other. In fact, in nature, the egg ovulated from one ovary, say the right side, does not necessarily go into the right tube. This is a misunderstanding. The Fallopian tubes actually hang 2 cms (1 inch) down below the ovary and the egg can be ovulated from any part of the ovary. In reality, the egg is expelled from the ovary with all the fluid that surrounds it in the follicle. That fluid rushes out taking the egg with it. It then falls into a space called the culdesac located behind the uterus, where the ends of the fallopian tubes hang. Then by simple fluid motion (think of a spec of dust in a small puddle of water), the egg either contacts one tube or the other. It does not always find a tube. So in this way, it can contact either the right tube or the left tube ."

Hope everyone is doing ok x


Makes sense to me, and makes me so happy :) Thanks for the awesome info!!!!