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Cautiously Optimistic -8dpo bfp?

Im sooo nervous right now! stepped away 2 months ago...  is our 13th month ttc and everything up to this point led me to believe it wasn't gonna happen this time either. I was SICK at the beginning of my FW and couldn't BD till CD17. Thought I might've Ovd CD16 or 17 but we did it so late at night I thought we missed it for sure.

I should only be around 8dpo and decided to use a cheapie just to see the bfn and feel ok about still having a beer w hubby tonight. At the 3min mark, I saw a shadow. Hmmm ok. Nah, I'm seeing things. Cleaned up, went to the room and sure enough, faint Bfp. Looked again at the 6min mark and ...there could be no mistake... obvious, pretty dark bfp!! I'm still in shock. NEVER had one this dark, and NEVER had one this dark so early either!!! 

After soooo many chemicals, I dont wanna get excited. But none of my chemicals were dark lines.... idk. Crossing fingers and praying at this point. 


Congratulations and fingers crossed for hh9.

I almost cried reading your post. That is such a wonderful surprise. We've been at it for 13 months too and I'm sitting here hoping this is the last cycle I wait on that rainbow to show. :D Your post gives me hope. You be strong and sending you prayers for a HH9 this time around. HUGS

Ahhhhh I am so happy for you!!! I will be praying too :) Keep praying girl...He'll give you some peace!

That's amazing! These cheapies usually don't show anything until your way past O, so this is looking good! Congrats!!

Thank you soooo much ladies....<3 praying and hoping this is it. Don't lose hope on your journeys. Xoxo