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Keep Calm & Stim On!

Well, after lots of sorting and stressing and scheduling, we've finally made it to stims!

I think the past week for me was just one long stress headache, but with a lot of the administrative and prep work behind us, we're coming up on the main event - woo! I finished up bcp, got the okay on my baseline ultrasound, and I start meds tonight. It's a minimal stimulation protocol, which consists of Clomid and Follistim (and some standby ganirelix, if they get worried my body might try to trigger ovulation). Daily monitoring starts on day 5 - Monday. My goal at this point is to hold onto my sanity and do my best to go with the flow. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll have some embryos. Man, how crazy will that be? 

I love reading all of the messages and well wishes. I haven't been on here a ton, but please know that they're much appreciated even if I'm spotty with my responses!

Sending you all my best. 


Good luck! Fingers crossed it all goes really well.

Praying this is successful for you!

How many follicles are they hoping for in mini ivf?

Thanks guys! Monitoring starts first thing in the morning. Eeeeeeek. They're hoping for 5 - 8. *prayer hands*

Well... nothing yet. I know it's only day 5 and it's the very first monitoring and my target date is a week away, but I was still kind of hopeful for something exciting to be going on. She said I had "lots of little ones" (follicles) but nothing big yet. I'm trying to stay level. This is a process, not a race, and I'm sure that if everything isn't on track they'll adjust my meds and all will be well.

As boring as it is, That's what you want to see on day five! The key is to have as many follicles grow together as possible so that when you trigger, you'll have a large number of mature eggs. If you had some measuring today, they likely would have matured ahead of the crowd and wouldn't have been viable. Slow and steady! Fingers crossed for lots of healthy follies!

Thanks so much for the boost, maybemiracle! That makes perfect sense. I had 13 on the right and 10 on the left, all under 1cm. Excited to see what's happening when I go back on day 7. *prayer hands* I also have to say, for the record, Clomid is a billion times better than Femara as far as symptoms. I'm not a complete basket case this time around. (Well, not yet, anyway.)

Sounds like you are going to have a lot of follicles! Keep us posted!

How did it go today?!

The fact you guys are curious to know made me smile! :) :) We've got 3 on the right currently 1.0cm, still have 10 others on the right and 11 on the left all lurking somewhere under 1cm (they don't measure under 1cm). Still going steady with the clomid daily and follistim every other day. Hoping there are others right behind those 3 and that everything keeps growing right on track. Seems to be moving right along so far! Next monitoring on Friday, hopefully getting close to instructions leading up to THE BIG DAY!

Hey Spazzle, Rooting for you and following your journey ever so more closely. Do keep posting. Waiting to hear your Friday update. Fingers crossed :)

Thanks, Twitter. :) Man, it's been a LONG week. I may update with a whole entry soon, but retrieval is tomorrow. I had 8 on my right and 3 on my left all ready to go. *prayer hands*

Yay! Progress! Lala la lalaaaaa lala ♡♡♡♡♡ hubby and i are watching with baited breath! Woohoooo!

omg im so excited. i need like a valium or something

Popped in for an update! Can't wait to hear how retrieval went!!!

Spazzle, How was retrieval? From you last update it sounds like you had a great number of mature follicles! I hope you're drinking plenty of water/gatorade and resting. Praying for you!!

Ahaha, I love the excitement. :) I will post a full update, but retrieval went well. We got 3 mature eggs and got the news today that all 3 were fertilized! Thank you so much for all the prayers. Keep 'em coming as we wait for the freeze report...