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12dpo, faint on cheapie

Hi, so im trying not to freak out but I tested on a walmart cheapie first signal and got a faint line, but digital test says "not pregnant" that was yesterday at 11dpo.  I tested this mrn and again same results on walmart cheapie and 99c store (seems like the sqaure tests that require drops) come out with faint positive, Im gonna post a pic on here or try to.  But as soon as i tested yesterday i started getting cramps like crazy. I have been ttc since March 2017. Dr. put me on my 1st clomid cycle and gave a trigger shot on 9/25/17, did IUI next days on 9/26/17 and 9/27/17.  Tww began after and now I am getting these (pics).  Anyone else see the line on the FS cheapie?


Hi I'm not sure what it looks like IRL but it is a very obvious bfp!!! CONGRATS :)

Definitely a positive. BFP. Congratulations xxx

Thank you all. I took a blood test yesterday and went home to wait for results and took a clear blue digital in it read "pregnant" then got my results back at 3am that said my HCG levels was 16 mIU. Im waiting for the dr to confirm that means pregnant!! :-) Some of my tests are still not showing that second line or the cross line (for the + sign tests) so for those who arent getting those but do get the can trust the cheapies still ;-) Good luck to everyone. Lets hope this lil bean sticks!

Thank you for the advice. I'll do just that!! Congrats again!


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Unfortunately I had a mc today, 5w2d. Thanks again for all ur well wishes :-(