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Retrieval Report

The past 10 days is a jumble.  Where to begin?

Doing an out-of-town ivf protocol came with its ups and downs. On the one hand, it was nice not feeling obligated to go into the office everyday when I would've been feeling rushed with all the monitoring appointments, and I had tons of time to "just relax", as much as anyone can relax during stims. On the other hand, I was crazy homesick a lot of the time and the traveling was a bit of a burden. I started out pretty strong, but when my retrieval got pushed to the day after my initial target date, I pretty much lost it and nearly hyperventilated in my hotel room. I was just so ready to be done with the bloodwork and the injections and the meds and to see my husband again (who joined me the evening before the retrieval -- can't make embryos without him!). But finally we got a surgery date and all was well in the world.

My protocol overview for those who are curious: clomid 50mg everyday, follistim 150iu every other day, ganirelix injection to prevent an LH spike, novarel hcg shot for trigger, and indomethicin tablets from trigger until retrieval (again to prevent premature ovulation).

We got to collect our specimen at the hotel, which was kind of cool and something that our old clinic absolutely forbade, and then we got checked in at the hospital. It was kind of overwhelming getting prepped for surgery. I think I envisioned it would be more like when I had IUIs, but I had to wear a hospital gown and surgical cap and everything, and I walked into an OR full of doctors and nurses before they put me under. I was kind of groggy from the anesthesia, but they told dh that they retrieved three mature eggs and that I had "a beautiful uterus". (Oh, the strange compliments you get when dealing with fertility... lol.) The target for the minimal protocol like what I did is 5, so I felt a little upset/nervous when they said 3, but the assisting obgyn was really enthusiastic about what mature eggs they were. It had seemed like I had a lot more follicles during the monitoring, but I guess a lot of them did not get big enough.  Anyway, we got word this morning that all three were successfully fertilized!!!  Now we wait for them to grow a few days and get our freeze results next week. I'm really praying that all of them thrive and survive. We are at least hoping that two make it for the transfer, but we'll take what we can get. *prayer hands* I'm staying far away from Google right now and relying solely on faith. I don't need statistics to know that miracles are possible.

So post-op, we made it home and are waiting for the next update. They told me I can't work out for two weeks due to the risk of twisting an ovary (!!!) so idk what the hell I'm going to do with myself, but I'm sure I'll manage, haha. Prayer and meditation! Ya know, I saw this thing the other day that said prayer is when you talk to God and meditation is when you listen to God. How crazy true is that?!? I've definitely been trying to do a lot more listening than talking these days.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and well wishes. It put a smile on my face this past week more times than you can imagine. It's bizarre to have so many people rooting for us (not just here, but irl). A lot of love has been poured our way and it's been incredibly humbling and amazing. It's been a long road but I feel like maybe, just maybe, we're on the home stretch.

Faith, trust, and baby dust!


Been faithfully checking for an update and here we are! I wonder why so many follicles didn't have mature eggs? That might be a good follow up question for the doctor. But remember, an excess amount of embryos isn't necessarily a good thing. It can be a huge burden! This mini IVF process is interesting. It meds are way off from what I did. You think the TWW is hard... the growing period of fertilized eggs is the worst! Good think you got this meditation thing down. My friend who did fresh and had failure, just did a frozen cycle and had a faint positive today. Of course I heard this from my husband who heard it from her husband because men are such gossips... So now I have to wait and see when she tells me. She specifically told her husband not to say anything yet, so now I have to pretend I don't know.... Anyway, the point of the story is that yet again, frozen proves more successful. It's worth the wait. This is now the 4th person I know to be pregnant and hopefully you'll be the 5th in January. Even though I don't really know you. :D All these pregnancies have me catching baby fever. The plan is to do another frozen in the summer. We'll see! As always, looking forward to your next update!

Thanks, PM! I'm trying to be optimistic and stay hopeful. I can't know until I know so there's no use worrying (though that has never stopped me before, lol). I feel pretty good about the frozen, like you said. Even though my lining ended up looking good despite all the clomid, I don't know that I could have handled much more of the stress a fresh cycle would have added, so I'm glad we had a freeze all protocol. Especially since we don't have a ton to work with. The fewer eggs is really typical of this protocol. They had reported all of the measurables (1.0cm and up), not the ones that were actually big enough, so I think that's where I falsely got my hopes really high. Like all the ones on my left ovary were late to the game, so they definitely didn't have time to catch up to the front runners. BUT I'm really relieved and happy that we have some, and if we get a baby then it was exactly the amount we needed. :) And the other upside is that the mini protocol tends to give better quality eggs, so hopefully that works in our favor as these little ones grow. *prayer hands* That's so exciting you guys are thinking of doing another frozen cycle and having more, and really awesome you've got the option! My mom and sister seem really convinced I'll have twins. They've kind of freaked me out a little, lol. I told them we would cross that bridge if we got there. Eeek now I've gotten myself antsy about the next update. Woo sahhhhh.

My friend sent me the pic of her positive pregnancy test today. It was a digi and said yes. I get more satisfaction out of seeing a double line. I had a feeling her frozen cycle was going to work and I have a really good feeling this is going to work for you too. You've done all the hard work and now you get to enjoy the holidays and get your body and mind in a relaxed, happy, and hopeful state. Do you have a rough estimate of when your transfer will be?

Such exciting news! I don’t come on her every often at all anymore but reading this I’m glad I did. Sending good vibes your way. If anyone deserves this to work it’s you.

Thanks, lilbrit! :) PM, I agree, I'm old school and want the lines. Those commercials where they act like ppl can't figure out the lines annoy me -- I'm like yelling at the tv, "You're procreating but you can't even read a frickin pregnancy test?!" :D They usually wait 3 months so hopefully January. I got EXTRA SUPER GOOD EXCITING NEWS -- all three are good quality and successfully froze!!!!!!!!! They're going to send us pictures in the mail. :,D I have never been so excited omg.

Congratulations!! I just saw the update, incredible!!! It's so rare that all embryos make it to freeze. Wow! This speaks volumes to he quality. I have a feeling you've got at least baby #1 and maybe #2 on ice. ;) Congratulations!!!!

Thanks so much, maybemiracle!!!! I have a feeling we'll have just the amount we need, like you suggest. :) :) :) I was really mentally preparing to lose some by the freeze report bc it seems very common, but I think the minimal protocol made all the difference; the doctor's philosophy is that it yields fewer better quality eggs, so maybe there's something to it!

Congratulations on all of them making it to freeze! That's amazing! <3

I am so very happy for you!!! Great results and freeze report. Do you have a transfer yet?! I'm so happy for your sake that they started making flat FRERs again-those curved ones were the devil!!

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pregnancy symptoms or not and thought why not join in on one finally, so here I am excited to join :). A lil backstory, I have tried to conceive for about 3 yrs now and haven't been able to. Went to the center for infertility as well to try some different treatments as well which didn't work either. Until recently, I got a hysteroscopy procedure done to remove what was found to be a septum in my uterus. The dr ok'd me to try and so I BD'd the first opportunity I got. I think I am at 7dpo right now and yesterday was by the far the weirdest day for me as I felt the weirdest symptom ever, tingling and itching around my nipples for about 3 hours. It was sooo bad I thought I was going crazy. On top of that I had lower back pain for the last 3 days as well as heartburn. Not sure if this is it but I really am hoping for it.

AaaaaAaaAAGGHHH!! "SO EXCITE" ♡♡♡!!!! rooting for ya spaz!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡