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I want your ttc updates

How is everyone going?  Any news? What arecyour plans this month and how are you  changing it up?  Remember to  invest inna 'break'  cycle  every  6 months or so. It is just as beneficial for your body  as trying  a new tea, position, herb or medication!  Do it for your future beans!♡♡♡  


You never know. ... it just be the very thing that does the trick  ladies... 


Hope you are all really well and staying positive 

Love alex


Hey!! I think I ovulated last night haha, so I am about to enter my tww!! I'm not tracking anything right now and just trying to stay relaxed. I do hope it happens this month though. My father-in-law and sister-in-law are coming to visit us for Thanksgiving, and we would love to give them good news face to face after having to call everyone with the ectopic news :( My husband was gone for work last month, so this is our first month being able to 'try' since we lost our baby. Can't wait for our rainbow! How are you!?

HIStory I've been thinking of you! I really struggled losing my first ever preg at 5w 2d so i feel your pain and can relate. Im going well now at 10w6d. But it took me the whole 8 to 9 months to even get MOTIVATED to want to actively ttc again Let alone 3 of those months to even GET a post mc period. So i never tracked or knew my cycle and then bam, preg. So it sounds good what youre doing ie relaxing and letting nature try its course. Both times i got preg i was not tracking anything. Annoying for the blog though cause i didnt have any derails or a dpo breakdown or bd timetable for everyone to have a squiz at like i did every other month for the past four years. Lol cant wait for your rainbow bub too. I just hope so bad it will happen soon for you. Mine/it really got me out of my funk. What does hubby do? Love alex. Baby vibes your way

I am so freaking happy for you!!!! Thank you for the baby vibes :) DH is in the Army...He is in a training unit, so he has to go in the field quite a bit. :( I will keep everyone updated!!