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FET Protocol

Okay. I feel really dumb, but I was floored by my FET protocol. I think I legit thought that I would trigger to let my hormones do their thing and then they would do the transfer like iui. *sad, embarrassed face*

It's one cycle of bcp, roughly 25 days of lupron injections, estrace pills and vivelle patches, and then progesterone injections before the transfer, with all but the lupron continuing until 10 weeks of pregnancy. It is... overwhelming. I know I should be super excited but this is so daunting. Somebody tell me it's not that bad...?

I am currently very bitter about people who can get pregnant naturally.

Sigh. Anyway. That is all. >_<


Spazzle - I was so happy to see your retrieval/freeze report, how exciting! Don't be embarrassed, what you thought is a natural cycle transfer which can be done with an FET. It may not be an option since I remember reading you were going out to an out of town clinic I believe (?). I did a natural cycle transfer (using frozen eggs, but same as you would for fet protocol), and it worked for me. My clinic was out of town, but only about 1.5 hours away, so it wasn't too far. My clinic would only do it if you have regular cycles, which I believe I remember from your posts that your cycles are regular. It was such an easy process, I'm a big natural cycle pusher lol. The only meds I had to take were letrozole (something about it helping with implantation) days 3-7 and vaginal progesterone. Once I had a natural lh surge, transfer was 5 days later to coincide with my natural cycle. I continued the vaginal progesterone until 12 weeks, which wasn't fun but hey you do what you have to do. So, it may be something you can discuss with your RE. In any event, your protocol sounds pretty typical and it's really not bad. I know it seems overwhelming, and you'll see once you get started that it's not a big deal. For my previous IVF attempt with my frozen eggs at another clinic, once I got af I did estrogen injections every 3 days to build the lining and it's supposed to also suppress any follicles, so no lupron, then added the 2x daily progesterone injections. And if it was successful, then I would have continued the estrogen and progesterone until 12 weeks. So it's similar to yours without the lupron. Try not to worry too much about it, you've got this!! I can't wait to see you get started!

This is significantly different from my frozen cycle. I did birth control and estrace which were both pills. Progesterone was given with an applicator like a tampon. No injections. This protocol you are doing sounds very customized so although it sounds like a pain in the ass, it must be what they believe will get you the best results.

Hi! That was my entire protocol with the exception of Vivelle patches, and it was successful for me the first try. My personal experience with the Lupron was the feeling that my ovaries were all shriveled up but it wasn’t really terrible. Yes, it’s intricate but it’s all going to be worth it!! Our little guy was born 6 weeks early, on 10/22, and it was worth every injection, patch, pee stick, and month of unanswered prayers. When you get your baby you will realize you’d do it over and over again. Best of luck!!

Checking in! The FET is damn near a full stim protocol, the biggest difference for me was that there were far fewer monitoring appointments so it seemed to take forevvvvvver to get to the actual transfer. That said, its pretty easy. It sounds daunting looking at it from afar but everything is pretty spread out. Before you know it, taking shots/meds will be a part of your nightly routine- and once you hit the 10 week pregnancy mark, you wont even want to stop the shots!! I think I went to 11 weeks because I was so nervous to change anything. You've got this! We are literally talking about you, Spazzle, who has been ttc for years- finally getting pregnant. You can do anything you set your mind to! My kids are almost 2 and I still give major side eye to people who magically fall pregnant. That may never go away... However I do think that IF sets the stage for very appreciative parents. Is it crazy to think that someday you might look back on all of this fondly? In the meantime, have you and the hubs decided how many embryos you plan to transfer?

Hey Spazzle, Just wanted to check in how the meds were treating you, if you’d started them yet.

Thank you all so much for the reassurance. It's especially reassuring to hear others have had similar protocols. I know this doctor doesn't do anything without thorough reasoning, so I just had to let it sink in that this is our best approach. I'm still a little nervous, but like you guys have pointed out, I've been through tons already and I made it through. I'm scheduled for February, so my meds start in January, with bcp to be determined by my cycles. I need to go ahead and order all of it. It's been a busy month and I've just been putting it off. It's really those progesterone injections that worry me, being intramuscular and all. I just have so many emotions about this, haha. We're transferring two as long as they successfully thaw and everything. I have the embryo pictures they sent me hanging on my fridge. It's kind of surreal. I don't like the feeling of having my hopes up, but I'll admit my hopes are pretty high. How could they not be? I think once we get through the holidays I'll feel less scattered and more centered and ready. I'm so glad we didn't end up doing this in Nov / Dec. There's enough going on already! Thanks so much for always checking in on me. I could honestly cry at just how kind and supportive this community has been, through the years and more years. I hope there's a happy beginning coming my way... *prayer hands*

And you’re just as supportive for others :) I heard yesterday that progesterone in oil is on back order in many places so you may want to go ahead and start trying to get that first. Use a goodrx coupon for your lupron-it’s about $400 cheaper that way. I’ve heard walmart is the easiest place to get it with that coupon. When I did PIO, I iced the area about 2 minutes before injecting and then sat on the heating pad and massaged it afterwards. I was on it for 12 weeks and only had two uncomfortable sticks. It’s not terrible!! Please ask me if you have any questions. Best of luck!

Im so glad you're in a good place, and really excited you're planning to transfer two! The PIO is tough at first but gets much easier as time goes on. Always massage the crap out of the injection site after and you should be good. My nurse advised me not to use anything on my body that plugged into a wall after transfer, so I made an old fashion heating pad with an old sock and some rice, nook it for a min or so and it works perfect. I did it before and after injections. Come on February!!! Please keep us posted! On pins and needles for yah!

Nwt, thanks for the heads up about that coupon! I'm checking now to see if it might work. The PIO is still nowhere to be found, but I found a place with an approved synthetic. Thank you all for the tips. I need to schedule "injection teach" again for January. I'm still a little up in my head about this but I'm mellowing. I was like this about the retrieval too and it went fine. Hopefully I can get my meds ordered this week and that'll be one less thing. :)