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Health update

The doctor has prescribed me some sumatriptan as a nighttime rescue medication. So happy I have something to try and help myself when the worst of the migraines hits me. I'm also researching some herbal remedies to take the edge off.

Today I've also been to see the gynaecologist. She has ordered a blood test to be repeated when I have my period in two weeks. That should give her a better idea if endometriosis can be ruled out. Fingers crossed it is not endo. 

We also discussed having another baby. When I said I wanted to use donor sperm she was quite negative. She actually suggested I wait a few years and then find a man with kids. What? One, I don't want a new relationship with a man and two, I want my child to have a fulltime sibling. Honestly, this obsession with a man-woman-kids family annoys me. As long as you have love and can provide a good life the composition of the family is irrelevant.

On Monday I return to the gp for more health issues. What fun.


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