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15dpo symptoms gone but came back?

I’m new to these forum things but as I’ve been searching I can’t seem to find anyone who’s experiencing the same things as me. 

i ovulated on the 16th of this month and I had symptoms up until about 10dpo and then I woke up feeling great. I’m now 15dpo and yesterday I had some slight cramping for 30 mins or so and a weird feeling in my utuerus when I sneezed, like a tight feeling. Then everything went away. Had the cramps and dull back ache today around the same time on and off but it’s on my left size then goes away. I’m thinking AF? But I never get cramps up until I’ve been bleeding for a day. Annnnd I break out every time and my boobs are usually always sore and they feel fine and my face is surprisingly clear. My cervix is high and tilted towards my back but comes down alittle and goes back up. Also some random shooting pains towards my nipples but it just happens super fast and goes away. i have some white CM but it’s just normal amount nothingnin abundance or anything. Im going to wait one more week to test because I always buy one and then she shows up lol 


anyone going thru this to? 

Almost 2 years (on and off) trying to concieve baby #2