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6DPO my dilemma

For those who have seen my previous blogs you will know i have had 6 miscarriages....i recently have been dtd to try improve my relationship as i have been on anti depressants for most of the year which turned me into a complete zombie with terrible mood swings and zero libido, after the last MC tore me apart.... 


To add to every thing my BF of 15 just left me. The thing is i have had 8 pregnancies altogether and only 1 surviving child who is now 10 out of those 8 as my first was lost at 22weeks due to weak cervix and my 10 yr old was saved with stitches. 6 MCs later post 10yr old and im realising we last dtd around ov im on a TWW anxious about a BFP but no one to share it with which hurts.


Im trying to help myself i started pregnancy vits and i went to a holistic store and they recommended some pills to help possibly support my system which they think is too weak to hold a pregnancy. I will try anything but i am terrified and tested yesterday with a BFN, but it wasnt until I went into 101 different calculation sites i narrowed my OV to possibly 6days ago. So that possibly explains my BFN but i cant remember when my last BFPs were....i know they are usually earlier than the average especially if i DTD on OV day. 


According to calculations i have 31day cycle 11day luteal but lately its more like 13 i have always been irregular but after last MC i was dead on track according to my apps predictions for AF each month then it went pear shaped in the last 2 months. IDK i just need some hope.


Anyone else 6DPO?