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For the past three months I've been using opks. I was pretty sure I ovulated since I am reasonably regular (25-29 day cycle) and have horrible cramps around ovulation, but I wanted to pinpoint more precisely when. Before the birth of baby 1 I ovulated on day 16/17 and had a 11/12 day luteal phase. This time around my luteal phase seems to be unchanged, but my ovulation date keeps moving. First, positive opk day 13, then day 16 and last cycle day 12. I'm under quite a bit of stress due to my other health concerns, so maybe that explains it. Of course I had to google it and it can also be a sign of starting menopause. Yuck, not what I want to hear at 34 and hoping for a second baby.

I'm adding Q10 and royal jelly to my supplement routine, if I can remember to take them. I'll give it until New Year for things to calm down and if my follicular phase gets any shorter after that, I'll ask for some tests. 


Hi, You might try charting Basel Body Temperature to find out when your ovulating. I tried using the ovulation sticks and it began to get frustrating when I couldn't tell if it was time or not or if it was a false positive. If you're interested you might try reading Taking Charge of your fertility. It helped me so much when I started tracking my cycles and made it less stressful. I agree with you it could be that you are stressed and that would explain why it's everywhere. Health issues are no fun. I hope it gets better fast and I hope it all works out for you. Prayers and baby dust to you!