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November IUI buddies?

I had my first IUI cycle in October.

CD2 to CD6: Letrozole

CD10: Scan showed 2 good follies

CD12: Ovidrel shot at 6PM

CD14: IUI at 12NN

CD15 leading to AF, I was feeling bloated and bubbles in my pelvic which is normal for me. So basically, I did not feel anything unusual for this cycle.

2 weeks after my IUI, I had beta HCG and it was .60 which confirmed my BFN.


NOV. 2: AF came.

I have endo and ttc for a year now. Im currently on letrozole and will be seeing my OB again on CD10. Anyone who will be undergoing IUI this November?



Just want to wish you good luck for your November cycle. Fingers crossed it's the lucky one.

Hello, I will have my first IUI at the end of November. I will let you know how it goes

Hello, Sounds like we are going through the same thing. I did my first IUI end of September. Got Blood work done Oct 10. BFN. Going to try our 2nd IUI this month. I hope it works for both of us! I'll be your buddy!

Just had my first IUI yesterday. I went through a week of clomid 50mg, didn't work, uppef to 150mg for a week; nothing, then 5 days of menopur injections w/ great results. This waiting game is going to be the death of me. I'm trying to do everything to keep busy and keep my mind off of it, but instead I am reading through forums and blogs. Good luck to us!!!

Hi, I had my first iui on 2nd nov after clomid and hcg trigger at 12 day. I did not have much to report as symptoms. But yes, i had a little pinching pain since 2dpo. But it can be just post ovulation pain or something. Yesterday i started feeling more hungry than ever. Today morning i feel my sense of smell is increased. I am not sure though. I don't want to build up my hopes. But i have a question if any one can answer.Can i drink one cup of tea in a day? Thanks..

Had my 2nd IUI this morning. Praying for a fertilized egg that sticks. Good luck and keep us updated!