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BFP after Vasectomy Reversal

Hi Ladies,

Like everyone else on here, I have stalked this site for months. Got my BFP today at 10dpo.

My husband had a successful Vasectomy reversal in May 2017 (6 years after the Vasectomy). I charted all 7 cycles we actively tried and this BFP cycle was the one with the least symptoms and where I was convinced I wasn’t pregnant.

I have irregular cycles ranging from 25 - 29 days but my luteal phase is a solid 14 Days. 

Here are my symptoms:

Cycle 7: (sex on both Days of Ovulation - tracked with OPK)


Ovulation day cramps on left ovary side and same that night and second Ovulation day I had diarrhea. 1dpo loose stool middle of night last night2dpo nothing 3dpo evening huge blob white lotion cm 4dpo AF cramps and white cm5dpo lotion cm and AF cramps. Many things smell like wee. 6dpo AF cramps and less cm, queezy and occasional on fire feeling side of boobs7dpo less cm, mild AF cramps and funny smells  8dpo less cm, mild cramps9dpo clear cm, mild cm no sore boobs 10dpo need to wee a lot. Positive HPT- pregnant!

”Relaxing” didn’t work for me and I stressed as much during this cycle as with the previous 6. Honestly, it’s just a question of divine timing. All thanks to God and may the next 9 months be healthy and happy.

Good Luck to all those couples trying to conceive post reversal.